MedAccess-BC in collaboration with the GI Society has developed a survey ( to understand your opinions and outlook regarding current access to medicines in various healthcare settings (e.g., local pharmacy, hospital, local medical practitioners) and advocate for system-wide improvements in care and treatment. We will use this information anonymously and in aggregate to shape future programming and to inform community members, healthcare professionals, and health policy decision-makers. However, if you give your consent, we might use your personal story about your medication access challenges with your first name only and no demographic information.

This survey is open to adults in Canada who take prescription medication. It takes approximately 5-8 minutes to complete.

Many of us have experienced or seen firsthand situations and examples where accessing medicines or healthcare has been difficult or challenging.  The BC Government, providers and stakeholders are taking steps and looking at ways to improve access to medicines and healthcare.  Have your views heard and contribute to the survey.

You may circulate the survey link below to your friends, relatives, colleagues, affiliates and constituents.  We hope to gather broad information to improve understanding and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our advocacy activities and communications in order to optimally improve access to medicines and healthcare.

Link to Survey:

Gaps in Healthcare: Access to Medication Survey ( (